Take a barbecue on your outdoor adventure

When going out on an outdoor adventure or a camping trip, be sure to pack all the required gadgets in order to enjoy a wonderful barbecue, the finest quality meat, and the best bbq wood chips. Always have a checklist with you so you can make sure that you're not forgetting anything. There are many checklist apps for Android, iOS and Windows phones, so there's no need to write down notes on a piece of paper.

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Your Checklist Is Everything

Without the list of things that you have to bring, you can end up turning around halfway through the trip. This is a big waste of time and can detract from your enjoyment as well as relaxation. Bbq wood chips should be on top of your list. After all, they impart the meat with the flavour of your choice.

Chips are pieces of wood that catch fire and burn quickly. They are the secret to infusing your barbecue with the flavour that you want. Using wood instead of gas or propane does not affect the tenderness of the meat.

No Flavour Without Wood

But as far as adding flavour goes, wood is the key to smoking out that pork, chicken or beef. So barbecue connoisseurs won't be caught using plain wood shavings to do the job. They usually have a smoking gun or liquid smoke in addition to the handy little pieces of wood. Try hickory or maple wood chunks and you'll never be sorry.

You along with the whole caboodle will marvel at the finished product if this is the first time that you're barbecuing with chips. It's not the wood that imbues the meat with flavour. It's actually the smoke.

A handy mnemonic to use is singing Smoke Gets in Your Eyes as you do the cooking, so you don't forget just how important the smoke is to the entire process. If you can bring a smoke box to the trip, even better. The box will definitely get more flavoured smoke into the meat product. Of course, the job would only be half done if you didn't do a thorough marination of the beef.

The Smoke Whisperer

Exotic herbs and spices do the job. In addition to the magic that smoke does to the meat, you can have a full-bodied as well as a full-flavoured barbecue for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Smokey flavour is harder to achieve without the right tools. So if you're just a beginner, it would be wise to use the required gadgetry. As you learn to channel your inner barbecue expert, you can do away with the assistance and earn the moniker, the smoke whisperer.